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IMG_1302Saturday morning I was roasting coffee for the week. Yes ROASTING MY OWN COFFEE !

I buy green coffee beans and take a little over  an hour a week to make sure we always have a great coffee to brew every morning.

You see, we have always loved a good cup of coffee. Among friends, we always been recognized for our coffee. We have always brewed a strong cup if you know what I mean.

So It was only fitting for me to question- with the price of good coffee now getting near to and over $10.00 per pound , what can I do better ?

How did I find out about Roasting Coffee ?

My son-in-law has been roasing his coffee fow a few years so I had seen a viable alternative. He has a single propane burner, a popcorn popper for stovetop, a pair of welding gloves, and two colanders. It’s a chore but it works for my daughter and him.

So I go looking….. here comes SR 500. Yes that is the electric roaster I was able to buy for less than $200.








I spend just a bit more than an hour every week. I must be done outside. So I grab a board and some vise-grips and make a quick shelf at the corner of our rear deck. Set up the SR500 and half fill the glass hopper, set it to

7 1/5 to 8 minutes and roast. 4 times, maybe 5 and we’ll be good for a week of morning coffee and sometimes another 1 or 2 during the day.

What does coffee have to do with homesteading? Homesteading is all about self reliance. About doing for yourself so you don’t have to support the grocery chains….

The homesteader in me can’t help but find ways to do more myself and depend less on others. Besides wouldn’t you rather pay six bucks for ten dollar a pound coffee.I don’t mind working a bit for the pleasure..



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