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I am Al and I am pleased to be able to speak with you about things pertaining to homesteading.

I am in my 60’s and must tell you how blessed we have been to be able to cut trees to build with and to heat our home and cook with, to garden and provide meals better than anyone can buy. Part of the reason for the great gardening is the ability to use compost we made, manure from our animals, and time honored habits to plant  different than some others. I have milked 3 gallons a day from a beautiful Jersey , raised chickens, pigs, and yes before the cow we tried  goats.

A recent move  to  upstate South Carolina helped foster a new desire for gardening and a few other things we been able to do that it seems NOBODY else does.

We are now proving that you DO Not need acreage to practice self reliant living.

I will be sharing some of the past and some recent things in our life that has rekindled the homesteader mind and  I hope you will be encouraged by what you see in this website.

Let me also say before anything, that I am a Christian, a follower
of Christ. Yes, once I understood the LOVE of GOD as displayed in the
Scriptures, I put my Trust in Jesus Christ.  Yes Jesus, the sinless
Son of God became sin for us as he went to the cross of Calvary and gave his life freely
to  pay the price for man’s sin and allowed us to be forgiven and reconciled back to the
God who created us. But He didn’t remain dead. He arose! and because He lives I can live also.
So all that I do and all I hope to accomplish is under his hand- my hope is that this website
and all that I share and all that is presented will honor Him.

Update October 28, 2017

I am so pleased to announce that my wife, Carol is joining me in the managing of this website. She  had been posting many of her things to  share on her Facebook EDQ page. Now she will join me in the presentation of material and sharing her recent and our future pursuits. We are Glad to be working together and I know you will be blessed by the improvement we are making.

Hi, my name is Carol, wife of Al for over 40 years. I love cooking, gardening, quilting, colored pencils and watercolor. I also love to hike and bike. I recently have become aware of the improper preparation of grains in our diets that has left many of us with a variety of health issues. Einkorn, an ancient grain, has become my grain of choice, and I am continually learning more about it, especially with its use in sourdough bread. I also have begun to learn a lot on how our ancestors lacto-fermented their foods ( rather than using vinegar) to increase the health benefits as well as the shelf life: saurkraut, pickles, and mayonnaise, for example. Better and more natural ways to garden is important to me: Hugelkultur, for example. I am glad to share my experiences with you!


Contact us anytime at   al@thecountrysage.com


  1. Rhonda

    Hi Al! Love your site! I too live in the country and share a lot of the same interests. I will definitely be back to check out more info.


    1. Al (Post author)

      Thank you Rhonda

  2. Diego S

    Hello Al, seems like you enjoy your topics! I’ll take a look around the website and share any information I come across.

    Diego S

    1. Al (Post author)

      Diego S
      Thank you for the comment –
      My best to you.


  3. Bob Vallerand

    Hey Al, looked at your site. Very good. I’m going to recommend my son takes a look at it.

    1. Al (Post author)

      It blessed my heart to have you check out the site — I hope your son can benefit from
      Thank you,


  4. JChrisA

    We have really enjoyed reading your posts, Al!

    It seems we do have a lot in common interests. I particularly appreciated your articles on the chickens and composting between your raised beds.

    We are looking forward to reading more from the Country Sage!

    Chris and Carla

    1. Al (Post author)

      Thanks– your are the first comment I have been able to receive–
      Appreciate the similar interests we have–Talk to you again I hope


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