As we all, or most of us have a real concern for our drinking water, I wanted to share with you our considerations and how we ended up with our Berkey .

Our water isn’t bad- just has that obvious chlorine odor/flavor. I don’t think much of drinking bleach.

We decided to plan how to properly filter our water. In a prior home- the Schoolhouse, I had put in a whole house filter – plumbed it in to the pipe that fed from the well pump. I mounted it well on the wall so when it was time to change the filter I could grab the wrench and just loosen the jug , out with the filter, in with a new one and turn the jug back on and snug it with the wrench.

So In thinking of our current situation, I wanted the best thing for us. We looked at Reverse Osmosis and didn’t like the part about wasting a lot of water to get some clean water. Then we began looking at some other filtering systems. We were thinking about an under counter setup –at the same time I thought if I plumbed it under the house it wouldn’t take up cabinet space and I only had to crawl under the house once in a while to change the filter- remember, I know how to secure it to make it easy to change. We found a few good systems and were giving them consideration.

Then we became aware of counter top systems. They are not plumbed- just sit on the counter and you fill them over and over. Very basic I thought and probably not the best choice for us. Then I found out about Berkey. Berkey Water Filters. The details are the things to look at when you are trying to make a prudent purchase. Here are some details. The Berkey Filters will remove contaminants including chlorine over 99%. With additional filters you can reduce Fluoride and arsenic.






I was sold- no undercounter, no under house plumbing. Well worth a spot on the counter if it cleans this good- Also – the Berkey leaves in the beneficial ingredients that other filtering systems remove.






The Berkey is so good I can pull water from a stream and filter it. And We can move it to our next home– our future homestead. Also the Berkey

is Made in USA !   And if you need to contact the company – the owner himself will respond.

I think the Berkey is a great choice for Preppers, Homesteaders, Homeowners, and Home Renters.


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