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Yes we gardened — organic gardening. And yes we often were readers of the magazine of the same name. Also- Mother Earth News-  At the time we first started our homesteading life , the idea was fairly new . Fairly new to the current society that is.  We had developed a hungry appetite to learn more ot the “Forgotten Arts” as it pertained to self relaint living.
We were able for a few years to have a friend farmer come over with a tiiler on his tractor and  breakup  our garden area.  He was also gracioIMG_1325us to allow me to borrow his Troybuilt Tiller a few times.
Soon I purchased my own Troybuilt. The 13 horse Kohler  one.  I worked the land  with that every spring and soon we has a lush vibrant soil with organic matter added regularly and a great way to start spring planting.  Yes we had a June 15 Frost date but that   didn’t stop us from putting in peas, greens, even corn. Frost can’t land on a corn seedling.
Now we are well aware  the thinking now is we may be better without all that tilling over and over .Now the raised beds we have can we handled by a  cultivator or fork and slight movement to  ready the soil for planting. Remind me to tell you how we made our raised beds. As you can see, my wife was really proud of her Blue Hubbard Squash.
That reminds me of  another  changed way to think. We knew that you would raise an animal and near end increase the corn amount of feed to  help with marbleing the meat.
Today grass fed is better- not because it’s a new idea-because it’s an old idea and a better , more natural way to raise an animal you may some day get your meat from. It also means that pig may take two seasons. Eating grass happens to take more time than the grains and corn once did. But the animal live a more natural life and grows naturally as it was created to do.
We see a number of grass fed  farm animals in our area in South Carolina
Now we are so thrilled with the small area we are living on and the raised bed gardens we have enjoyed the past coulple of years.

last year

My wife with last years garden

You may not have acreage to work with. You may not have a big yard. You may have only a porch. There are ways so be self reliant in any  situation- maybe you can try  only a large pot with a single tomatoe plant.  Maybe you can build raised beds as I have been able to do.
Homesteading is in my blood. I will always make an attempt to do things in a way that provides a better result for me and mine.


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