Here we are at the end of September here in Upstate South Carolina.

I was just looking at the garden and couldn’t help but to take photos and report to you what is going on.

In the early season we all wonder how things will turn out- dont’t we ? We plan, work, make all kinds of efforts and hope the season will allow us all that we are hoping for.  Last year it was a drought. This year started of with lots of rain– has been a bit drier lately. Our tomatoes didn’t do very well and we took a couple from their new place back into a garden bed just to see if that would help. The in season cover crops and replanting for fall went well. Here are some photos.

Broccoli and Cabbage


Costoluto Genovese liking it’s new location

This is September 28


And did we mention Peppers ? My wife picked a bunch yesterday and we had plenty. So she went around to a few neighbors and emptied her basket. Now we have more to pick.



How about the flowers on the Sweet Potatoes










We haven’t done well with Fennel- but look at this little bit of success










And It looks like a rogue Sunflower is Growing next to the tomato- do you think he has enough time left ?


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