It’s that time– Late summer planting here in the Upstate of South Carolina. We took the bed that had the garlic and onions last spring and we put buckwheat seed for a cover crop and future addition to our soil. We also did the same in the bed with beets, carrots, radicchio, and lettuce as this is where we are planning for our next garlic planting.

Our new seedlings of broccoli, celery, kale and collards have been growing since late in July. Right now they have been out in the garden for a hardening off time in the full sun and at the area they will soon be planted in.















While they were growing the buckwheat was high and I took a knife and cut the stems. Then we used a Mantis to till them some to help the breakdown. Since the Garlic area is just as important to be ready- we used some compost we had and dressed over the area.









We also took some of our other compost that was working in the pathway and added that to the bed the fall plants will go into. Green manure and compost- What a great combination.


Then with also had a few leaves left from last year and they got added to the future garlic area. That is how we planned for these guys to go back into the ground.


Here a week later and after a nice rain the broccoli looks happy.








In between we have some Sage and also

some Rosemary.





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