Book Review- MINI FARMING By Brett Markham

Mini Farming  is a great read on growing lots in a small space- something we do  here in the Upstate of South Carolina-  But Brett gets great amounts and meets his family’s needs and also  earns an  income from gardening. The other part of the title is  “Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre”.

 We used to live an hour or so North of him– We Know the seasonal battle. He plans well and shares  how to plan- where ever you are you can apply what he shares.  He  is all about square foot gardening, composting, insect  control and the science behind all of it it wrapped around  the experiences he has to share.
Chickens- We used to rent a chicken plucker.  He made his own!   And he shares the plans so you can make your own.
All through the book you can see his desire that others will gain info from him and can apply that info to their own  endeavors.
He talks about  Seedlings,  Soil Health, Ways to Prepare, Harvest, Protect, & Preserve in a way that encourages his reader to practice as well.
No wonder it has been and continues to be a best seller.
We all need a little help sometimes- this book is HELP full !

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