A Pig Story

It was spring and good time to get a new piglet to raise for fall. A friend  knew someone
with a litter and had some piglets for sale. The place was setup well and there was an electric fence around the fairly small area he had his piglets in.  Great- I had setup a new pen  somewhat into some trees  and a quite large area -about 30X40 feet with an electric fence. This little  piglet will adapt quite well, or so I thought.
Into a grain bag went the selected piglet, a female.  We got home (15 minutes later)and got her out and put her into the area prepared.   She poked around and then  like a beeline headed toward the fence  and shoved herself under with the wire scraping her back.  Astounding!
Was the fence not working?- the charger unplugged? —  NO! –  I re-checked connections, the ground, and  set my tester on mutli points along the wire and each time  I  observed a strong signal reading.
It was easy to collect her and get back into the pen area.      OK- that was interesting…
So she started growing  and seemed fine– Then one Saturday morning,  She seemed to do exactly the same thing. Mind you she is  a little past the piglet stage.  At least  past the piglet you can toss into a grain bag stage.  So she heads off toward the road, a two lane state road with a 50mph speed limit.  By now my wife, son, daughter , our  chocolate Lab Charlie are on chase.  That pig ran down the center  of the road about a hundred yards and then turned back in to a wooded part of our property.  My wife and daughter  seemed to head  of the pig and because of a downed tree log just ahead they thought this pig was corralled.  So this pig decides to jump over the log and keep the chase on .  She crossed back  into our back yard area and the into  a penned area where our Jersey cow  spent her outdoor time.
So now my mind is full of this thought- that pig is going to be the end of our cow, dog, one or both our children  —  you have to imagine  the cow running  around, the dog chasing the pig, the cow kicking to  get the pig and dog, and the rest of us  trying to get close enough to —what ???
Then the pig headed toward her pen and kind just forced her way thru the fence back where she started.
And there was only one other event with this pig. One week day morning I had just finished milking and cleaning up pails, jars, utensils.. I went back out and guess who is out again.  That resulted in a quick lasso job by yours truly and that rope slid right off the pig’s torso down the rear legs and finally catching on one of the rear hoofs. Right then I pulled hard and quick. Amazing — the rope had a grip. Then a scream like the early morning had never heard.
I’m wondering about my neighbors– not many close but with this scream I was expecting to wake up some that were a mile or two away.
Anyway, I won that battle, was late getting off to work….
That  pig grew well and what we got back and the story  are something we’ll always be grateful for.

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