We were so blessed last year with our pepper crop. It didn’t seem as though the plants put out peppers until late July, then more into August and September. They continued to produce into early November. We love the season here in Upstate SC.

Pepper seedlings are on the right

This year we were planning during spring and decided that we’ll hold the pepper plants inside for two weeks longer. Last year we transplanted our pepper plants at the frost free date- around the middle of April. It is fine and the plants do ok – but we thought maybe holding for a little warmer and consistent temperature would be helpful. So we waited until May 1st.

Was it ever helpful. This year our peppers started producing early ! We were starting to pick by late May and on the first of June our pepper plants were full. What a difference !

One evening I was in the garden and decided to take a few photos– obviously I may be able to share them , right? I took a few photos of the pepper plants; the Bell peppers, the sweet Italian peppers . We also had a hot pepper planted. Great plants and plenty of growth.

Bell Peppers

Sweet Italian Peppers

Italian Peppers











Then I went in the house and found my wife had been out just before me and already had picked a few peppers– WOW !

Also a Zuchinni and a few Cukes.










Next year we’ll hold our transplant peppers until the first of May. This is a constant learning process , isn’t it.



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