Here we are in our third year gardening in Upstate South Carolina after not gardening at all for just over twelve years. It is our second year planting Garlic.
We took the best bulbs from our 2016 crop. That crop was mostly small, but certainly successful considering it was our first attempt at Garlic. We were still building and developing the soil in our raised beds.
By Fall of 2016 we had been determined to have our bed READY before  Garlic got planted. We had used the bed for some spring plants and the bed had a fence with some green beans at the rear edge. The Four foot area in front  of the beans had been fed with compost and organic matter and mulched for the late summer.  We knew the texture and feel of the soil was much improved and more receptive to planting. So in Late September we planted our garlic and then mulched with straw.










Initial growth went well, and by March 2017,  Spring started with some great hope.

By April the scapes were growing tall and really looking strong.








In late May we were so pleased with the size and development. We also note what seemed like the tops were beginning to tip.







Not far into June we pulled the Garlic and began drying it on our back porch. We had a rack  and with some weather around we  fashioned a quick tarp wrap around to prevent winds blowing rain over the Garlic. We had to be away the third weekend of June and decided to bring the rack and Garlic indoors and let it finish drying in AC.
What a cleaned up Bounty !  About a year’s supply of Garlic — SIZABLE  GARLIC – hanging in the Kitchen.


Also, before this bunch was assembled, the biggest and best seven bulbs were tied up separately–  Already earmarked  to plant this Fall.

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