It is the 10th of June and as I stand on the patio looking at our garden- we can only be thankful….






Garlic is about to be pulled and dried.

Green beans are climbing

Peppers are looking good, ready to produce. We have already tried one of the hot peppers- that one is new this year.   Success!







Zucchini  is climbing – about to produce.

Cucumbers are  climbing and  yes, about to produce.

Pumpkin is at the fence, ready to climb.

Other squash is  growng at the former pea fencing and will be climbing . The Dill  is thriving as usual.  Hoping for beneficial insect activity among the squash.

In what has been an herb garden and  being moved, we have a couple of tall Sunflowers — one is  already 14 feet tall–Just Wait !

Tomatoes were moved from the bed rotaion this year to a permanent spot on our home’s South Side.  They also have a Basil partner.






We’ll be trying cherry tomatoes real soon– that’s a new addition this year.



We are so thankful !



  1. Cindy Fischer

    Your vegetable and herb garden beds look amazing. Looks like you will be eating well in the months to come. Bon appetit!

    1. Al (Post author)

      So great to see that you saw what we have here. Thank you for checking it out!


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