I am more experience now-some would say Older. But doing things myself has always been a way of life. We have basically  somewhat rebuilt  four homes.
Recently I decided  my   wooden  shed needed a face-lift. The deteriorating finish after 3  years and the fact that we live in a community helped my decision to put vinyl siding on my shed to match our home.

When it was new


Not so new anymore






First, a couple of weeks  ahead I had pressure washed the door and door frame. On Memorial Day weekend I started on Saturday morning and put two coats of a semi-solid stain on the door, door frame and upper fascia boards. This is the same stain we have on our deck railings and posts.   I removed all the corner and lower trim boards and the  added the vinyl corners, the J-channel around the door frame and at the top edges as well as a vent at the upper rear.  I also added the starter strip at the bottom edges.
Then it was ready to install the siding. I used a 1/2 inch lath screw- this was adequate to attach the siding on not to protrude  the inner surfaces of the shed. You NEVER tighten the screws when installing siding. Just enough to hold and loose enough to allow movement as in contracting and relaxing as it warms and cools. My impact driver is great as it drives in well but allows me to control the depth.  Here and there I went back to make sure my screw wasn’t too tight. And I make sure to put plenty of screws- Don’t skimp here– The wind is going to blow some day and you’ll be more confident when  you use the proper amount of fasteners.









It was a great 3 day -partial days  of a pure workout in the sun– I love that kind of workout even though the sun got the best part of me– not  too bad as I am accustomed to working outside.

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