Have you ever wondered how to plant peas for better production ?

Generally, we’ve been giving a lot of thought to what is most important in our gardening efforts. PRODUCTION & RETURN !

And concentrating on what we desire to eat the most of.  Also we consider the cost and other benefits.

For instance we have chosen NOT to plant cabbage. WE LOVE CABBAGE !  Space  for cabbage is premium and cabbage is not  excessively expensive, so  no cabbage in the garden, at least for now.

But Peas – that’s different !!!  We would always take the end of one of our raised beds and plant a few pea seeds and throw up a four foot fence and for a week or two in spring we would enjoy a few peas.

This year we decided to take one of our raised beds and put multi fencing (4 rows) and go higher- eight feet. Because peas are an early planting-we planted ours at the end of February- the area they are in will also be available for another crop.  We’ve already planted squash at the base of the fences and the plan is for squash to climb  the same fencing and as in the peas, we’ll have a lot more squash than last year.








But for right now, we have been enjoying peas for the last couple of weeks and will  continue to enjoy them for a few more weeks.

Peas, and plenty of them.

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