We found out how to cut cable– here’s the story.

When we moved, we had a real bad experience trying to get our cable attached at our new home.
The great service people could not see the importance of what they committed to and instead of coming to our new home, they went back to our prior home and reconnected the cable.  This was going on as I was calling them  asking where they are, as they had not come at the agreed on time.  It took them another week  before they  got to our new home and connected us.
Well, 2 weeks later  I took our cable box and went down the the office and told them to  shut off the  cable and leave us only the internet connection.  They said $40. I said Great!
HOW? do you ask.  I had purchased a Mohu Leaf indoor antenna. That was three years ago.
In the past three years, we have been able to get  almost 30 channels over the air with great reception and  believe me, better picture quality for the most part.  We don’t miss the cable channels, or the expense.  Did you multiply 3 times your annual cable expense yet?
And by all means, we are not limited. My home network allows our smart tv to connect and we can watch movies and more if we want.  You might connect with lots of other  things if you want–
And let me also say– since Charter has now raised my internet from $40 to $65, now guess what I am thinking….

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Ready to cut the cable bill? Here’s how to do it.


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