Here’s a look at where we are here at the end of April. Remember we are in the Upstate of South Carolina.


We have garlic and onions looking good.










Then we have a bed with beets, carrots, radicchio, radish, and  lettuce.










Here we have arugula, spinach, and then mixed in peppers with Zucchini and cumin planted at the rear edge.










The peas are growing well and running a bit late. There are turnips intermixed and we have just planted seed for squash, pumpkins, and

cantaloupe to climb where the peas are now.









And we’ve decided on a permanent area for tomatoes.  On the south facing part of our home we prepared a place for them- 100% Sun for most of the day–


Tomatoes and Peppers from seed


I Welcome your comments-  My best to you !









  1. Margy

    I plan my garden and then go out to purchase seedlings at the nursery. I’m always plagued by six-packs. I really don’t want that many of the same thing (such as tomato plants) but hate to not use them all. I end up with things planted too close in my small garden space. – Margy

    1. Al (Post author)

      I understand you hate to not use what you bought. It’s always a battle to settle for how things are sold to us.
      Thank you for the comment and my best to you and your endeavors.


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