What does it take to downsize ?
One alternative is to consider living in a trailer.
When we were in SW Florida we were able  to buy a somewhat forlorn looking “Park Model” as they call it. It was a Gulf Stream trailer with a Lanai addition that had seen better days.  We also inherited  a cluttery side area.













Because of our homestead mentality and my experience in building and renovation, we tackled a new adventure. I had to learn about trailers and aluminum  construction. These lanai  structures were all around us  in Florida  covering pools, making sunspaces , etc.
I quickly became, according to one of my neighbors, an aluminum master– We were able  to change it into a good looking home.










We made a nice sitting area on the side.

We also changed the lanai area into a Kitchen and Living Room.





Comfortable, Cheap to Keep, (no room for a garden).
Be assured, this way of living is very possible without taking on a building project like we did.  I’m just sharing our experience.  It was great for where we were at the time.


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