Raised bed gardening is a great way to  garden.
When I want to make a bed  I purchase  2×6 Cedar from the local
box store– rought cut cedar.
I’ll first check the ends to be sure they are square. If not I’ll put
my square and scribe and cut a new line. This end will mate  better for
a better attachment.


This one needs only a bit removed









Or I’ll just use a Surform File  to take off a heavy corner.


Then I’ll  pre-drill  3 holes in the  outer surface  ends.  I’ll use a 3 inch screw to make the attachment. That will penetrate deep into the lumber to pull the parts together.
You’ll see in the illustration that I was able to re-use a prior bed  piece and it was already drilled and the screws  were still available for re-use as well .

A good joint

I use an impact driver- you can use whatever works best for you to drive screws.
After the attachment are made I can lift, move, re-align all I want. The well fastened  lumber
will hold up fine.



See what one looks like 3 years later.

3 Years on this one




Happy Gardening and feel free to comment.


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