Yes we love to do anything we can for ourselves to avoid buying what most people  end up having to buy.
So here is a way to get sweet potatoes in your garden without a cash outlay.
Well, you’ll actually need to buy one sweet potato.  In the winter when we have to buy
vegetables, we from time to time buy sweet potatoes. Organic sweet potatoes.
That is the key to  being able to  grow your own sweet potato plants. 
Take one organic Sweet Potato and  cut across the bottom. Then pierce thru with a wooden skewer or the like and use that to suspend the potato  in a bowl with water at the bottom.




In a short time the potato will begin to reach into the water with new roots. Then new slips will begin to grow around  the upper part.  After a few weeks you’ll have a number of slips and they will  begin to grow leaves.







That is when you’ll want to cut the slips from the potato. Then take a bowl with water and drop their lower parts  into it.







When they begin to grow roots of their own you can  plant them into  some  soil and let them get established as a plant.  (this is what you would be buying if you had to buy). Check your seed catalogs for sweet potato roots.
I love to see  the natural process that those before us used to have as part of their life.
Embrace it !


Report on September 21:

My wife got out the other day and check to see if she could find a few more sweet potatoes.

Well just a basket full  !!










And then on the counter you can see the real sizes.






And just today as I was pulling some compost from our pathway between the beds– Here is one  that got under the bed and was hiding.









I would not have found it except for the pathway compost we had made.




  1. glenn

    good info

    1. Al (Post author)

      Thanks, Glenn.
      It works so good for us.


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