Yes, as much as we obviously have plenty of vegetables, we do eat meat.

But meat in a package is one thing. Better is buying a roast or a whole chicken and cutting it yourself.

I buy a Tenderloin Roast about 3 or 4 times a year.  As I trim and  cut with a desire to use  it the best way, I can

get about eight to ten filet steaks, 2 small roasts, 2 -3 freezer bags of meat/ fat trimmings useful for a stir fry or soup

addition or maybe over rice.  How many meals is that for 60-70 dollars?   Filets, not Sirloin.

My wife will always check the sales locally and when a pork loin is on sale at a local market where the

meat is locally grown pigs, she may buy one or two. That is how she plans multi meals and did you notice

we art NOT settling for the package of meat from ..Mr. Grocery Chain

At the same Local market who is better know for his grass fed beef, my wife will be on the lookout for

some calves liver- yes Liver– If you never tried it  don’t knock it– Properly cooked Liver can be a nice meal– nutrition at it’s best

for sure and let me stress –PROPERLY COOKED !

She also watches for a nice roast when she is there and also will often buy a bag of  bones-yes bones. Fresh bones

from a recently slaughtered  cow  have lots to offer- My wife  will make bone broth and  after two to three  times the bones

are then brittle and a short task to pound into a powder and small bits that go-you guessed it– into our garden- Bone Meal.

The broth is now useful for a soup, added to a sauce, for  a nutritious drink, to cook rice in….  All kinds of great uses.

Let me be clear- we don’t always get the freshest beef , or pork from our local grower. We sometimes go to a grocery store just

like most of us have to.  But again my wife looks for the best on sale items and if she doesn’t find a good deal, she’ll pass.

Today isn’t the day to buy- remember , her proper planning and the way we prepare gives her an ability to not need to shop immediately.

That gives her buying power .

She’ll also keep an eye out for sausage- Just Sausage– not filled into links like we’ve been trained to buy, but just sausage. She has an

ability to make use of it in different types of meals. We get the flavor but do not have to cut up links. Yes we pay for someone to make

the links, don’t we?

The other way to save is buying a whole chicken(that is only if you are not raising your own chickens). It can be cut up for different uses,

or it can be cooked whole and then cut up for different  uses. It can be a meal as a whole chicken and then the carcass can go to make

a soup  or broth, or both. Why pay someone to  cut it up and package parts ?  Learn to use a knife and do your own cutting and you’ll

be able to save in the way you buy meats. More than the savings, you’ll have a better part in how you provide for your family.



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