Yes the way we shop is going to make a difference in our eating habits as well as how we can use our income and whether or not we save. More than saving, can we get the best for what we spend ?  We need to know how to shop with wisdom.

I’ll share a story as an example:  A few years ago when we were Raising our own chickens, my wife wanted to buy me a tool for cutting chickens, backbone, legs etc. She went to a store that supposedly had all the cutlery items any one would ever want or need. The clerk showed her something and she asked ” do you have a better one? ”

The clerk replied “yes but it is more money.”  You’ll probably already know which one she came home with.

I have made my living based on the use of proper tools and as a homesteader the last thing we need is  a cheap tool that will not stay sharp or will not be strong enough that one time when it’s strength is critical.


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