Do you consider the best choices in how you eat? If not let me encourage you to consider what we eat.

In our society we have become conditioned to get whatever comes out of the box. Or the jar. or the bottle.

But what are we getting. All these things have been packaged for us in the way that  is most profitable for those who supply them  to us. And we have a society who is getting less healthy.  And the supposedly fresh, or what they call fresh, how long from the farm to your store before you even have a chance to buy ?

We  obviously raise most of our vegetables. We also purchase meat from a local man who spends most of his days  dealing with  the grass fed cattle he is raising. We buy lots of our beef from his market that is only open on Fridays. We also frequent a local grocer, and some of the better natural food grocers that are available for our fresh fish, chicken etc.

But we can say that our typical menu is something, fresh, something without chemicals, something nutritious, and enjoyable. When we eat out, we’ll usually go to one of a few restaurants locally that practice farm to table  thinking in their menus.

Other than that – avoid the sugar filled  stuff that seems to be typical fare- Yesterday  there was a lot  about the national donut day. For sure the break room at our shop had 3 or 4 dozen donuts that had been dropped off.  I didn’t even have a thought- Never got near them and before I went in to the break room with my turkey lunch(brought from home), the donuts were long gone– my workmates had their fill- I didn’t.  Can you think like that?


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