Saving is imperative if you want to be able to deal with life’s issues and especially to prove your stewardship over the income you have. We have found a way to save with a budget. We use-YNAB. We can add a category or remove one. We always leave the savings category, even when a particular month doesn’t allow us to put a budget amount there. Any month the  income goes above the budgeted amounts we have a choice. And when it seems right, we’ll put an amount in the savings budget line and  complete by expensing that same amount to the savings category.  We make sure of our decision because at this point we consider this amount as untouchable- not to be used to adjust or make any other changes– it is NOW in savings.

Over the past # of months the savings category budget line was not filled in. Thankfully last month and this one we have a real amount in the budget for savings and we are committed to expensing the same amount to savings as the funds come in.  Every couple of months we  will take the total savings  amount and make a transfer from our checking account into the savings account. That way it gets where it  belongs.


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