We bought our home 2 years ago and I noticed right away that the set-up crew had not done everything the way it should be done. I put a level across the front and saw a bit to be desired. Since we were to have a walk thru in a week or two with the dealer, I figured I would bring it up. Well after a whole bunch of lying and excuse making as the home was being delivered and set up, I really wasn’t surprised that the walk thru never occurred. We later dealt with the manufacturer on a few small warranty issues . I never did nor will I ever deal again the the dealer. Lessons we learn.

I figured I could battle things out, but decided that I could deal with things myself. We made a few small adjustments and had things fairly even a few months after moving in.

After a couple of years and setting we could see more would be required. My wife could tell when she was in the kitchen that one side was lower that the other, and we had one bathroom door that would just about close by itself.

I did a little research and found that the better way to lift was with two 20 ton jacks.

In one of my recent posts I had mentioned palletts and I had a few 4×4 posts from the pallets that were put away for future use. Most of these are southern yellow pine. I cut a few into 18″ pieces and used them as a stacked cribbing after seting two longer posts accross the area. The long ones help distribute the weight and the stack did well in bringing the distance close enough to have the jacks in place properly. You can always space things with more wood but on this occasion I was able to limit the wood above the jack to just a short piece of post.

I needed to lower the right rear corner of the home. I found as I was beginning and analyzing that the final two piers were barely in contact with the frame of the home. I noted one just ahead that was bottomed out right on the top block of the pier without room for movement.




I picked up at the rear and removed the shims on the two rear piers.

Then I moved and re-set up the cribbing about 12 feet forward to get closer to a pier that seemed to be the key. It needed to come down a little to allow for the rear corner to drop.


Picking up at that spot allowed me to move the shims out allowing for a lower position. When I let off the jacks it settled down at the new level I set with the shims and all of the corner was able to come down.

I did remove the top of the pier that had been exacly even with the frame. I’ll go back in a week or two and fill the space to allow shims.

When I went inside and checked the change in the kitchen was just about enough. The bathroom door was behaving more like it should and a level place around a few spots gave good readings.

I hope this will help if you need to deal with a leveling issue in your mobile home.

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