In September I posted about compost in pathways and I ended with a question.

What else besides leaves will you add before covering your path with mulch?

Here we are in Early December in the upstate South Carolina. We have gathered leaves, and a few more leaves. -we also have a new ingredient beside leaves to add to our paths.










Our Mulch from Last year is pretty well done.








Cow Manure

Yes, we have found a great source- our friendly Jersey Farmer, who has become our fresh, I mean fresh today!, milk source. If you have followed my site at all you know that we have experience with Jersey milk and to have a local source has been a great find. Getting to know the farmer, we were able to get a trailer load of bedding from his cow barn. Bedding that has collected and absorbed the manure and urine for a good part of the recent season.

First we have the mulched paths scraped off.







Then we scatter the leaves over the pathways.

And then comes spreading the manure over the leaves.




For now we’ll top that off with newspapers.




We’ve got rain coming tomorrow and this will be so good.

Now we’ll get the pine bark mulch ordered and finish of the pathways and edges.








Here in early spring the mulch laying over our compost allows us  to move around

easily and when season is over and this new mulch has been thru a hot summer- we’ll just rake the top  off and have nice organic matter to

add to our beds.


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