End of Garden Year Thoughts

As we are Now into Mid November It’s a good time to reflect and Thank God for the great provision we’ve had this year.013

As September and  October  here in  the South Carolina Upstate stayed warm and obviously the Drought continued ,

we saw the Peppers and the Eggplant strive as  we never expected.   The later plantings of broccoli did well,

with the cold hardy types of greens struggled with the heat but are now coming along.




This valiant Soldier Tomato doesn’t want to quit despite a little frost damage.


Here on NOVEMBER 19 , look what we picked today. COSTOLUTO GENOVESE !

On November 12th after a frost we pulled all the Peppers and Eggplant as well as Okra.
November 12th !!!!
We still cannnot believe a season can last this long– So glad to be here.



  1. Russell

    Hi. I like your posts. You seem to really know what you’re doing. You should include more recommendations for people on how to grow more productive plants, since you seem so good at it.

    1. Al (Post author)

      Thanks for the comments and I agree. My intent is just that- to share more of what
      I will be doing and showing it so others can benefit


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