Throw a Way Pile


New and Empty

There is much info out there on this subject — I just want to share what I have been able to do recently.  I am in the collision repair business and sometimes new panels are shipped in crates and/or mounted on pallets.
I was able to grab a few throw away things and make use of them at my home.

Shortly after our move here into a park setting with our moderate sized manufactured home, I purchased a shed .  It measured 8 x 12 and I needed to set up some things before unpacking the tools that had been stored at my daughter and son-in-law’s garage .
Work benches!  I pulled the  4×4″ members and used them to frame the bench. Enough other parts were used to cross  and attach members together before  installing the plywood top. One piece of 3/4″ plywood was my only expense.


See the Second Bench started at right








The workbenches were attached to the studs in the Shed and when being used there is no movement.
Then with the additional  4×4″ parts I did what I had thought about for years.  I built a shaving horse.



This made me finally buy a Drawknife- a small one . Working on getting one more larger sized


Oh yeah, if you saw the post on our patio, there were some pallets the flagstones came on.
I’ll  have to show you the signs– another time.

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