As you have seen in 2015 we started the small garden on our small little lot.
We shared about  starting with some raised beds and putting to use our past experience
in gardening on our Homestead during our time in New Hampshire.

Overall View

Overall View

This past winter we were able to add some new raised beds.  Now we have five beds that measure 5′ by 12′.  We also have a center spot with herbs that we also had used for sweet potatoes. It was our first try to grow them . We were able to  take a sweet potato that we purchased and  cultivate a few slips  and  planted the slips indoors. We transplanted after they became a viable plant.  At first we put them into a bed that  had a little space in , but it  had not been planned.  So my wife decided to move them into the herb area that was still under development.  Well they liked the spot and they thrived. We were not sure what to expect in yield but the  potatoes we dug were a great addition to our late summer menu.  Next year we will plan and measure the yield now that we know the potential.



Sweet Potatoes with herbs and some squash


Great combination








This became a 24 Pounder

We also tried watermelon for the  first time.   We got two .
One grew to be a  24 pound watermelon – the other on was 28 pounds.
There is more to tell and I’ll continue on another post.   Feel free to comment.


  1. Rina

    I love to garden and your garden looks awesome! What kind of fruits or vegetables do you grow? This year I want to try and build some raised garden beds that look like yours. Do you know how raised garden beds help the plants to grow better? Your post has inspired me to do more in my garden this year. Thank You

    1. Al (Post author)


      Thanks so much for you comments. We grow tomatoes, Green beans, eggplant, peppers,
      Squash, Cucumbers, cantelope, Watermelon, herbs, Fennell, And more. Yes I would never garden without a raised bed. I be doing a DIY on building a bed soon. Stay tuned.
      My best to you and your future garden !

    2. Al (Post author)

      Let me apologize– I try to respond to every comment and just realized I have failed
      to respond.
      So thank you for the comment and let me respond to your questions. A raised bed allows a better temperature protection around this time of year,
      and as we never walk on our beds the soil is always allowed to become better and stay naturally fit to allow growth. We can also plant closer together
      for a more bountiful result. Those are only a few of the benefits- there are a lot more. We plant peas, onions, radishes, collards, kale, tomatoes, peppers,
      garlic, squash, lettuce, celery, and a few others. From April to November we hardly spend anything for vegetables.
      I hope that gives you some ideas and my best hope for you in your garden this year.

  2. Kerri

    Your garden beds look great! I grew up in NH and always helped around my grandparent’s farm and miss the climate there to grow things.

    I live in Arizona now and the garden growing seasons are quite tricky if not timed correctly for the extreme heat. We have to plant quite a bit of our beds in raised beds in the more shaded areas of our yard or put up canopies to minimize the harsh sun. Great growth you managed!

    1. Al (Post author)


      Great to hear from you and I understand you about the heat. We spent 8 years in SW Florida and

      the idea of gardening didn’t even become part of our conversations until we got here.

      Best wishes for your garden next year.


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