Yes here we are in South Carolina and had  just about finished our FIRST YEAR OF GARDENING IN THE SOUTH.   Well, we thought ” let’s  just plan on some garlic next year.”
We ordered from a seed supplier and they shipped in early September. We hoped to plan a bed spot for planting the garlic but before we had that  spot ready the garlic was looking like we better get it in. So a spot planned to be an herb garden area became the best spot for the moment.
The garlic started right out and got up around 15-18″  quickly.  It became a great reminder all through the winter of the wonder of planting and seeing  something grow. If you saw  my post  on the Patio,  you may notice some green in  one of the photos. It was the garlic standing up all winter with a green glow  that blessed our hearts every time we looked at it.


Winter and One spot of Green


April 2016 and Garlic is ahead of everything

Come late July and we knew the time was come to harvest our first garlic crop.  We pulled them/ dug them out and put them on our rear porch floor to dry.  We made sure they were in far enough from the edge not to get wet if it rained.
Then a few weeks later I was at work and received a text from my wife.  The garlic was braided and hanging from one of our kitchen cabinets.
The first year was  obviously  great even though we were not pleased with the overall size.img_1304
Remember the soil wasn’t at it’s best — we have been working on that and it should never be a factor again- we have made great progress making our soil better.
What we did  from our bounty was to pick a number of the best sized of the garlic and used the cloves from them to replant.
As we go forward we’ll have  our supply for kitchen use and our seed supply for the future.
As we are in October 2016 – here is the planting area for next years garlic- waiting for the evidence of germinating and starting  to grow.



Garlic will soon shoot up


And Here on October 12 is the First One

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