As our new home plans were developing, we decided that a patio would be good for us.
A patio that was earthy, natural and good looking- after all we have been homesteaders- why wouldn’t it be Earthy? We decided on flagstones-  We had gotten some  soil from a supplier who also  had flagstones and many varieties to choose from.  On their website we  saw the choices and made tentative plans.
First I had to dig down and remove a lot of red clay dirt. The stone we planned to lay out were an inch and a half to  two and a half inches thick. We needed room for a base  as well as the stones and we soon picked out the line that the top of the stones would be even with.


Starting the dig


Shoring up



Every weekend  my regimen  was to break up and shovel 8-10 wheelbarrows full to the back of the latest garden raised beds. The were reared up to a sloping landscape and I needed to shore up it up in that area. We were glad the soil I was digging up had a practical place to go.
When I had room for 3-4 inches of base we went to the supplier’s yard.  My wife had brought a piece of siding and when we looked at our choice our opinion changed suddenly. Amazing when you can see for yourself. So we went further back into the yard and walked up to all the  flagstones on pallets. We both angled toward the choice we were to settle on  and  the order was in. We chose to use Granite Screenings for the base and the filler between the stones.


The Base



Laying Out The Flagstones

We shoveled the Granite Screenings into the hole and spread it level (pretty close).
The recommendation was for  a machine to pack down the base but I opted for the manual way and left everything for a week. This material packs very closely with itself and we felt confident.  I planned a Friday off to allow for a good start to the weekend.
My grandson offered to help me and on the first day we were able to get about a third of the flagstones spread out and level. He would continually refill a bucket with the screenings and I was busy working  the screenings under each stone to make sure it was even with  the others.  Some would take  more time than others– none of them were even.
The next day my wife took up the bucket chore and we  progressed along.  As some  stones needed trimming, breaking, or  chiseling off excess edges,  we took time to do what was needed. I didn’t want a lot of little filler stones.  As work progressed, we were so pleased with the color choice.
The following day I went out and spread  some more of the granite screenings and swept it over and  into all the seams.  I took some concrete mortar mix and combined it with some of the granite screenings and swept that all over and then gave a spray of water.  We could not have been more pleased.


Loved The Results



    And when the patio was done we found there were just enough flagstones to replace that temporary walkway at the front of our home– so a month or two later we got that area done as well. Now to plan staining the decks- 2 years and raw wood- time to make an improvement there.


Old Quick Walkway


Right to The Last Flagstone


  1. Midge

    Lots of hard work! Looks beautiful! I would like to get my backyard bricked to form a sidewalk, but I don’t want to go through all the trouble of shoveling, packing down, laying the bricks, then putting more sand between them. It’s a lot of work for one person! Thank goodness your grandson came to help. As we get older, the intentions are there, the strength-not so much. Best of luck to you and yours. This looks awesome!

    1. Al (Post author)

      Thank you for visiting my site. You are RIGHT ! But thankfully I’m still in good shape at 63.
      You blessed my heart with the comment.


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