A Weeks Vacation on the Homestead

Our first homestead was on a fifteen acre property with an 1850’s Post and Beam home in New Hampshire. We loved the old construction and hated to disturb it. But the home measured18 feet by 36 feet and the upstairs headroom was limited-7  feet at center– ok for us to make do with for a time with two small children but it was imperative that we go up.




First morning of demo work


Couple of days in



      Had a Regular Job
As a homesteader who worked a regular job and left every morning after milking and chores, planning was necessary–Proper Planning.
For a couple of months before, I was busy with making a plan, figuring materials and costs, making sure that when the work started it continued- no stopping to chase some nails, or a piece of something  we had not considered. You see , we were five miles from anything, and 20 miles at least to find a lumber supplier.  I got the materials and planned to  do our project on a week vacation.


Now the shape is clear

The project
I think I started on Saturday morning. At the end of the day  we had a flat deck and no second floor. We covered it with plastic and tarps to protect from the overnight dew. That became a daily issue and boy did we move some water and drag off some wet plastic sheets every morning that week.  Took Sunday off and by Monday afternoon help was showing up. I thank  God for  willing friends who just show up without being asked and give their all for their friends.
The plan was  a type of shed roof with 2 levels. It can be called clerestory (google that if you don’t know what  I mean) and clerestory windows were the plan  under the upper roof line. We used six door sidelight units.
The week was quite busy.  We got it closed in by the next weekend and I had to return to work on Monday.


Closed in – The door sidelights went in across the top

  Plan your homestead move
Now seems like a good time to commend all you homesteaders  who get going without debt and plan  well so you can make a full time life-style of it. We didn’t plan that part well and my homestead life was always in addition to the regular job.
Yes, in case your wondering, the chimney became almost flush with the new roof line. Two  sections of liner and a bunch of bricks brought it high enough for a proper and legal draft.
The next few months were busy with the roofing, trim , windows and finish work. Mostly weekend work. My dad blessed  me  so much as he , at seventy years old  drove  60 miles to help roof,  trim and the like  for many weeks.
The next winter was somewhat more comfortable with our newly insulated passive solar  setup. Sorry no photos of the finish- only the construction.     What a week to remember.

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