Raising Chickens for Meat

After a couple of years at it, we came to the proper question. How many do we need ?
That is , if we want to eat chicken every week, all year.  If chickens were to go  into the freezer, then enough to have chicken once  or twice a week was the answer.
So we started to plan for one hundred chicks each spring.
Typically when you order 100, you’ll end up with 99, 102…  you may know what I mean.
One year we counted 103. Within the week the number went down as 2 little chicks didn’t heed the Mrs as she was putting down a Waterer.  Now we had 101.
They grew well and we didn’t lose any more.
The day came and we as a family  went about the differnt roles we each had to take chickens and make them fryers.  After a long day and full cleanup outside and another Extreme interior cleanup we finished.  101 wrapped and ready for the freezer.
Fresh coffee and a seat on the back step. My wife and I felt like it was a sussessful day.
Suddenly out from  the corner of our little barn sticks out  the head of a chicken. Looks to the left, then to the right, (as if to see if the coast is clear). Then out walks the most casually strutting meat bird you’d ever see. Well we thought – let’s just make this one a roaster.  That chicken got to go another  month or two.

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