Starting Out At Our Newest Homestead



Did some one get PAID to put that Drain In ?



We bought the home we are in and it was all set up- Ready for us.
Looking around there were a few things obvious to us that needed attention.
We first attacked the front entrance .  Bricks and debris needed to be moved away, the area we wanted to walk on needed  prep work and leveling.    We had purchased some 18×18 inch stone that will fit the bill –For the time being.





rough, debris, bricks




Worth walking on






Then, after moving in, to the rear of the house.
Firsts thing there was to put the plumbing in order.  It needed to go below grade.


Not the right way


The better way

Now to bury the pipe and smooth the landscape. At this point we had no plan to add the gardens or patio.
Yes, Remind me to do a post about the patio.
My daughter has an old friend who is also a friend of ours.  Her husband was glad to share the use of his tractor to allow  me get things done with a whole lot less effort. He just dropped it off and told me to call him  when I was done so he could come back to pick it up again.
Such a blessing !20141115_13203420141115_132043

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