Tree Stump Gone

Three weeks ago I decided to pull the stump of a former Oak Tree. It was sitting just next to a deck that is on the front of our house at the French door. We want to extend the deck and then close in part for some extra room .
I knew without equipment that I was going to have to dig, find roots, cut roots, dig some more…. then at some time there will be an opportunity to attach my tractor to the stump and pull it out. I had tried a number of times after my first few efforts. Once I was almost half way thru the underside I felt there should be some movement. NO WAY ! The bucket on my tractor wouldn’t even wiggle it. Then as we made more progress to get another few roots revealed and then cut them , my reciprocal saw died- just stopped– It had been a great tool for a number of years- a battery powered Porter Cable reciprocal saw– I rebuilt a home in Florida and made many cuts in metal and aluminum studs, trailer hitches etc. Up here in the Upstate of South Carolina I hadn’t used it quite as much for the past four years. As we were buying our homestead this past March, I decided to purchase two new batteries for the saw.
It had already been put to good use in some plumbing, then carpentry work. Now it would be useful to cut some roots. I had a battery powered chainsaw but it was useless in comparison to the the reciprocal saw with a good heavy toothed destruction saw. Except the roots wore the batteries down in no time at all. It had been a balancing act every time I got three more roots exposed and only could cut two due to batteries not able to last– Any way I was dealing with it. The other night with two Charged up batteries I took to cutting- in a minute or so with a nice cut being made the saw just stopped- This isn’t a battery I thought– no the saw was dead– Next day I was my task to get out and find a CORDED Milwaukee Sawzall. Found the one that is a little lighter than the Real Good one. It will be ok for me as it will help get the stump done and for my future uses it should be enough.
Two evenings I got out for a few minutes before loosing daylight- I had daylight on one side under the stump and my shovel was going well under the other side. But I couldn’t see enoought to be sure there was not another sizable root– but I liked what it looked like-
I then fired up the tractor and approached the stump- the bucket was under and as I worked the bucket the stump awa going up and back– WOW !!! I turned the tractor around and hooked the cable that was tied on the high side ot the stump and as soon as the cable was no longer slack the stump leaned forward. I immediately backed up a bit and went to check out the rear- saw a few stringy type of roots and cut them – got back on the tractor and pulled the stump out.
Now we’ll be able to plan the deck changes and all the other stumps around are either getting cut flush or will be corner posts for future fencing-

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