We have been gardening in our prior home with raised beds.  We have also in our continuing research and learning found out about Hugelkultur. A way to start a garden and work toward a long term beneficial  source for a garden base. 

So here we are at our new homestead . We are at the moment concerning ourselves with the home. Also keeping the overgrowth tamed. Homesteading we will get to. But in all our thinking we couldn’t help but to pick out a spot and begin working on It- I should say Carol began working on it. She cleared the small trees, and roots and opened an area as well as digging out a two foot trench at the bottom about a foot deep. I was recruited to put in the 1st two logs- 11 1/2 round and 12 foot long. the she took over- she put in some smaller logs, then some brush, then some smaller brush , then some upside down sod, moss and a layer of leaves, compost, more leaves, topsoil, leaves–
Then she planted some beets, turnips, lettuce, kale, other greens. Then the herbs came out of pots and added to the bed.

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