As we continue to trim the overgowth around our house and discover the landscape that we’ll have to work with, we been amazed at the clutter and junk around. It is laying everywhere. Whenever we move a few feet more in cutting brush, thorns, small trees we’ll find a discarded tool, piece of wire, hose, lumber… I can’t envision the mindset to just toss away useful items. All the more we’re grateful for what we have.
This will be behind us soon.

We have also been pondering how best to use the piles of junk around and in the former carport. I have had to add some of my tools into the inside and can’t wait to get the junk out and my things in order. As with any junkpile there are possibly useful items-we continue to find items that will be useful but it will take more time–

Stay tuned to the future plans with this carport !!!


  1. Jackie Maurice

    Looks like you both have been working hard. Some day you will have it all done and you can marvel at all you have accidentally.

    1. Al (Post author)

      Thanks Jackie !!


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