New Homestead Update

Well It’s been a while. Sorry for the lack of posts recently. In March we finally closed on our new property- a home needing work and 6 1/2 acres. It is on the side of a small mountain landscape and the topography shows it like that- the home is 900 feet back off the road and the windy driveway has a few hills, especially as you approach the home.
We have planned and knew the home will need to be put in shape before our actual homesteading activities would begin– sort of- as we arrived we knew the growth all around us was about to explode and working on the house or not- fields need to be mowed, driveway needs box blading, the extreme 2 years of overgrowth around the house was also staring at us.

Overgrowth and debris
Front future pasture bushhogged

We first tore out the water trough that had been called his bathtub. Made a proper bath. then some cleanup, insect battles and we moved in. Continuing now to cut brush, remove trash and debris. And we got a 20yd dumpster- filled it and now thinking about getting another one.

Old bath
New Bath

And the carport the the prior owner had tried to make a bit of a workshop of is the home for most of my tools– just that we still never cleaned it out– constantly finding things- some useful, some not.

And we were able to get our mini-split ac and heater installed last weekend – since it has been in the 90’s for the past month.

Closed Part of open foundation
for MiniSplit Mount
MiniSplit Mounted

Much more to report and we will be doing that as we progress– O yea, now that we have internet–

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