We are in the state of moving- yes we’re on the move to our new homestead . Our deal is in process and once we close on the property we’ll be glad to update you with more info on our new endeavor. In the meantime we have rented a home in our new area, started a new job and still go back to our prior home to wrap up final issues and use the laundry. We will be buying a new washer but we’ll wait until we are in the new place to be sure we get one that fits. You know- DOWNSIZING ! So yesterday I was getting the final few items out of the shed and my wife was doing the laundry. Oh yeah the tub faucet had begun to drip and I had to change the cartridge. But before leaving we were able to take note of what is left of our late season garden.

We were able to pick some Brocolli side shoots and some radishes.

But just think here in almost Mid January we are still picking fresh food from our garden that we really have not been paying much attention to in the last month except to pick the Broccolli heads a few weeks ago.

There is still Cabbage,Kale and some experimental late planted Onions. Also our Garlic bed is coming along and will likely be a blessing for the future owners.

This is a glimpse of the growing possibilities here in Upstate South Carolina.

Please  comment and we welcome your input. Thanks !

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