Last year my wife nurtured a Tumeric root into a plant and this year the plant gave us a real produce. The benefit is one that will be SO good for us.

Tumeric has been shown to help in brain and heart health, mood, immune system and in many other ways.







It has now become one more consistent ingredient as part of our menu. Because it is now in my wife’s kitchen pantry items, she can use it as shavings in a salad, added to a soup or casserole dish, and we love it especially in a topping she puts over a salmon filet.

We are getting a healthy benefit and are now able to grow it ourselves.



  1. Hamilton Long

    Al, my wife just bought this as a dried spice after reading about the positive benefits for our immune systems. Is it hard the find in natural form, such as the plant you have? Thanks for the tips!

    1. Al (Post author)

      Thank for the comment and yes it is available in grocery store near where you’d find root crops. You may see Ginger root,
      Tumeric root may be beside it- Earth Fare or Whole Foods would have it.


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