Earlier this year we reduced the size of our garden.

We’ve been considering a possible move and thought a smaller garden in this neighborhood could be a selling point feature for us as we get about selling this place.

As the early season garden plants were harvested we also began to resize the raised beds. They were 5×12′ and we are changing them to 4×5′. The end bed still has to be changed. That new size will still be enough for us and as you can see it is working quite well even here in mid October.

Check it out :



The last of the green beans

Sweet Potatoes- you saw what this started as





The late season here in SC gives us so much to be thankful for.


Peppers are still coming


An Onion Experiment






As the season is ending , More coming

Radishes with some Spinach

Garlic is in here and about to push through. In spring a Tomato will be in the center

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