My review of Berkey Water Filters

We purchased our Berkey Water Filter in July of 2017.

After a careful study of the Berkey website, we chose the Big Berkey. Speaking of the website- it is a wealth of info and just take the time you need to be sure and you can make an educated decision.

The Big Berkey was our choice and it has a recommended use for up to 4 people. We are just two but have many times when we are likely to have the amount of use of more than a typical couple. It has been a great addition to our home- I no longer taste BLEACH when I take a drink of water. We use the Berkey for any water we drink or cook with as well as when we water any spring seedlings before they go out to the garden.

Berkey gives a Lifetime Guarantee on the Stainless and other parts. And when you contact Berkey, Dan the owner will be responding to you.

The Basic Black Filters will purify 6000 gallons. We also opted to add the PF-2 Filters for arsenic and fluoride. About every two weeks or so, we take our Berkey apart and clean the inner wall, bottom and the black filters per the recommendations on the website. We have never had the least inkling of poor taste. It has been a joy to confidently take a drink of water anytime, knowing that I am not poisenning myself.

Dan sent me an e-mail a couple of months ago with a reminder that a year had passed and do I need to order any filters ? We checked and realized that we have only used about 800 gallons so far. The base filters(the black ones) are good for 6,000 gallons so we are far from needing to replace these filters. But as I was prepairing for this review I just realized that the PF-2 Filters for arsenic/fluoride have a time frame as well as a 1000 gals rating . So, Dan, thank you for the reminder and I was so WRONG not to consider the details– I need to order my PF-2 Filters right away!


Thank you Dan for having a geat company and presenting great products and wonderful support info and practices. I always enjoy great tasting water and I drink at least one to two glasses in the AM before leaving for work. Another glass goes with me. And I will drink one or two more in the evening.

What are you Drinking?  Feel free to comment .


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