We Reduced the Size of our Garden

Earlier this year we decided to reduce the size of our garden. We had been getting all we need and sharing some with our daughter and her husband and kids. They have recently moved away for ministry reasons. We are also looking at buying another homestead and if we ever want to market our current home we felt a reduced garden size may help in that. We are also entertaining the thought of staying here a few more years, even if we do buy our future homestead. This home is paid for and we can’t live any cheaper. The place we have been considering needs some work before we move in.

So the first thing was to remove a couple of the raised beds. We put the area they were in back to lawn. The beds went on top of some of the others as well as the soil in them. That put us higher and better able to get root crops going deeper as well as a better amount of soil above the red clay we have been fighting for 3 years.

The area we have between the garden and our flagstone patio is like a center aisle. We felt we wanted something different there and scraped up almost all the mulch that had been there and repurposed it by using it between the beds. So we didn’t have to buy more mulch.

The decision was made to get some mostly white river rock and put it in the center aisle. A half yard was practical to carry in my pickup and that gave us a good start- We’ll get another load next week to complete the project.






This is just another way we wanted to share to show how in a little space a lot can be done. And if your desire is to homestead and you are in a small place like a lot of us are, do what you can with that space and hone your skills and learn all you can so when the homestead becomes a reality you are ready and able.


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