Here in the park we currently live in we are always thinking of being neat about our plant areas and gardens. In our main path along side of our garden beds we scraped off what had been a pine bark mulch . It was spread last year and by the way it was the worst mulch we ever have had. By that I meant it decomposed quicker.






So we were able to re-purpose it. We took the scraped up mulch and used it to add a layer of mulch all over the planted area on the other side of the house. That area includes our front entrance area. This will add a slow semi compost feed to all the plants as well as some protection from the coming cold weather.







We also had picked up a yard of  hardwood mulch to put down in place of what we scraped off.

After we got that unloaded and the truck cleaned out,






the result was a great use of what we have and a nice improvement on both sides of our home.



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