Soak Your Oats!

Convenience is king.  We have busy lives and schedules, so it’s extremely easy to grab fast ways to eat.  The problem is we are risking our health for the sake of convenience, especially when it comes to the grains in our diet.  We are not preparing them properly and it’s harming us.  Improper preparation of grains over time can lead to leaky gut, IBS, bone loss, mineral deficiencies, allergies, tooth decay and on and on.

For example, take our beloved oatmeal. Prior to WWII, people pre-soaked their oats to be able to digest them properly. In fact, the directions on the oatmeal box used to state “soak overnight”. Some of you may remember your mom preparing them that way. Hmmmm…what happened? In a word (or two): King Convenience.

All grains contain an antinutrient called phytic acid. It’s in the outer layer (or the bran) of the grain. It’s great for the grain because it protects the grain until it’s planted, but it’s bad for us because our poor tummies cannot break it down. The phytic acid also ties up the nutrients in the oatmeal (calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and iron) so our bodies cannot absorb them. Pre soaking the oatmeal overnight helps neutralize some of the phytic acid by activating the phytase, a natural enzyme present in grains,  so we can absorb all those important minerals we so desperately need.

In other words, by presoaking your oatmeal the night before (or even better the morning before), you have created a coup in your kitchen and dethroned the King. And it is sooooo easy. Before you go to bed combine in a glass bowl:

-1 cup organic rolled oats (or steel cut oats are even better)  Not Quick Oats!!!

-2 cups room temperature spring or filtered water

– 2 Tbsp of an acid medium ( buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, liquid whey, lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar)

-1 Tbsp organic Rye flour (this is optional but rye flour is high in phytase which when activated neutralizes the phytic acid even more).

Stir to mix together and cover with a dinner plate and leave on the counter top overnight or up to 24 hrs. Yes, it’s okay to leave it out. Remember, our ancestors did this for centuries.

Next morning, drain the oatmeal and place it all in a sauce pan and add another cup of milk or water. Bring it to simmer and cook on low 5-10  minutes or until cooked. Steel cut oats will take longer.  If you soaked your oats in lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, you may want to rinse and drain them first before adding the milk or water to eliminate the taste of them in the oatmeal.

Serve the oatmeal up with butter or cream or both. You need fat for your body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins!

This one, simple changeover could make a huge difference your life.  May King Convenience RIP.

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